Health, Safety & Environment

We always consider health, safety and environment activities as a priority and guideline for fulfilling our mission. We hope to be an accident free company and we give full consideration to the mental and physical health of our employees. We also try our best to minimize environmental impact by employing the least pollutant methods at all stages of our work.
In carrying out this basic policy, PETROPAY recognizes the necessity of :

  • Devoting a continuous effort to accident prevention
  • Providing competent and effective supervision
  • Assigning clearly to each supervisor and supervised, regardless of level, their responsibility as a fundamental part of their duties for :
    • Elimination of hazards
    • Training of subordinates in the proper use of equipment and safe working practices
    • Development of safety consciousness
    • Securing of full co-operation for the attainment of these objectives

    Updated November 2015
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