Quality Assurance & Quality Control

PETROPAY intends to issue its professional services considering all Safety & Quality requirements & with full commitment to project schedules.
To achieve such a basic objective, PETROPAY follows Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2008 standard in fields of management, design, procurement, installation, commissioning & maintenance services in related industry scopes and all management & personnel of PETROPAY are committed to know & follow this standard is their work.
In line with this objective, followings are emphasized:

  1. Emphasis on Safety as the most important item in works
  2. Having Clients satisfaction by commitment to quality & their necessary standards for services, goods & equipment.
  3. Trying to have a good cooperation with clients, suppliers, subcontractors & joints in order to promote quality.
  4. Respect & commitment to client’s work methods.
  5. Trying to acquire optimum methods & using up- to-date & new technologies for rendering of services.
  6. Creating an innovative & target based environment, motivate & promote personnel knowledge in order to achieve quality, maintain environment & reduce work risks.
  7. Specify suitable ways & methods in order to fulfill all HSE procedures.
  8. Creating suitable work environment by sharing company workers in quality, productivity, health, safety & environmental issues.
  9. Implementation of audits, performance measurement, supervision & management reviews in order to have continuous improvement in quality, health, safety & environmental management systems.
  10. Continuous, effective & efficient improvement in processes of quality management systems.

    Updated November 2015
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